General Remarks

For our crockery we only use environmentally friendly lead-free colours and glazes. We pay special attention to ensure that only the best quality of clay is used and also to ensure that the ideal firing temperatures are met. Our objects are made for daily use, are dishwasher proof and we hope they will bring joy to you on a daily basis.


All objects can be made to order in all available patterns and models from the different crockery collections – but please bear in mind that this can take some time.

In our picture galleries all pictures have a short description beneath them. The first two letters describe the collection followed by a three digit identification number and then in most cases you can find a size description for the article where H stands for height followed by the respective height in centimeters, L stands for length, D for diameter and W for width.

To browse through our various picture galleries just click on „collection“ in the menu and choose the category you would like to look at.


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